Welcome to Festival of Dance
Annapolis Royal 2022!

FODAR is back in full throttle this season with a lineup of provocative and sometimes heart-stopping dance! Live performance is alive and well and definitely in top form in our beautiful part of the world. Come check us out!

Inside and Out!


Market Square

Soak in the scenery and the setting sun.
Original works created for FODAR.

Lydia Zimmer. Market Dances 2021


King’s Theatre

An exploration of ancestral memory
Finding our inner child
A game of discovery
Fall in love with dinosaurs

DINO. Drew Berry, Brayden Jamil Cairns. Choreography: Alyssa Martin


King’s Theatre

A dance circus world premiere
A step into indigenous futurism
The last work of a dance legend
Mesozoic inspirations

I DREAM IN WAMPUM. Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo. Choreography: Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo, Marshall Kahente Diabo. Photo by Adalia Pemberton-Smith

Slider photo 1: Anastasia Wiebe. StrikeTone. Choreographer: Vanessa Goodman

Slider photo 2: Natasha Poon Woo and Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen of Rock Bottom Movement. Photo: Alvin Collantes

Slider photo 3: Nicole Rose Bond. The High Heart. Choreographer: Patrica Beatty. Photo: David Hou

Slider photo 4: Sarah Murphy. La Mode. Choreographer: Tomato Mukaiyama. Photo: Dunja Jocic

Photo at right: Lydia Zimmer. Photo: Cooked Photography