The Festival

FODAR is back again for 2022 and runs July 19 – to 23. Other than our homepage, the information on this website still reflects the 2021 festival. We'll be updating the website over the next few weeks and we’ll also keep you up-to-date on developments for 2022 via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned!

Inside and Out!

Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal is back at full throttle this season as we welcome dance audiences back for another stimulating, provocative and sometimes heart-stopping lineup of dance. Come out and enjoy performances al fresco at our popular Market Dances which runs for two evenings this year. We’re on the main stage at our home venue King’s Theatre, with an eclectic program of outstanding choreography and artists.

Live performance is alive and well and definitely in top form in our quiet and beautiful part of the world. We look forward to sharing with you the inspiring dance creations and electrifying performances that are to come.

Slider photo 1: Anastasia Wiebe. StrikeTone. Choreographer: Vanessa Goodman

Slider photo 2: Natasha Poon Woo and Mary-Dora Bloch-Hansen of Rock Bottom Movement. Photo: Alvin Collantes

Slider photo 3: Nicole Rose Bond. The High Heart. Choreographer: Patrica Beatty. Photo: David Hou

Slider photo 4: Sarah Murphy. La Mode. Choreographer: Tomato Mukaiyama. Photo: Dunja Jocic

Photo at right: Lydia Zimmer. Photo: Cooked Photography