Raphael Roter

Photographer: Submitted


Solo (not solo) Water Study

Raphael Roter is an award-nominated percussionist, a playful sound adventurer and a reveller in human connection. His work spans free improvisation, music for contemporary dance and afrobeat. He has composed music for contemporary dance with Sahara Morimoto, Yvonne Ng, The School of Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, The Music Gallery and with Lila Ensemble and has collaborated as a sound-maker-mover with Germaine Lui. He has also composed music for short animated films by Bea Labikova and Louis Roba. Raphael plays drums and percussion with the afrobeat band Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble, the avant groove band future proof, Aruna & the Sirens and with Doug Tielli. In all his work, Raphael places curiosity and wonder at the heart.