Studio Showing

The Colour Red (The Red Shoes: A Work in Progress)

Friday, July 19 – 1pm
St. Luke’s Anglican Church Hall
340 St. George Street

Interpreters: Maria Osende, Layne Coleman
Direction and Dialogue: Randy Glynn, Layne Coleman
Script: Layne Coleman
Choreography: Maria Osende

An exploration of the temporal effect of artistic creation, The Colour Red  draws its inspiration from Maria’s  experiences throughout her dance career. This performance piece, still evolving, serves as a thought-provoking inquiry into the complexities of time, place, and connection within the realm of art. Central to the piece is the realization of the challenges faced by artists in their quest to forge a direct relationship with their audience, encouraging a direct connection with and understanding of the work and its artists. Every performance resonates differently with each observer, influenced by the unique context in which it is presented—be it cultural, social, or personal.

Maria notes that the original idea to create a piece about her life came from FODAR Artistic Director Randy Glynn, and this piece is the evolution which emerged from that concept.