Alyssa Martin

Photographer: Drew Berry


Big Time Miss

Alyssa Martin, based in Toronto, is an award-winning choreographer best known for her tongue-in-cheek approach to dance theatre. As the founder and Artistic Director of Rock Bottom Movement, she creates work that challenges patriarchal norms with a blend of comedy and tenderness. Since its inception in 2012, Rock Bottom has met audiences across the country with acclaimed works designed to infuse “going to the theatre” with an excitement that matches our contemporary sensibilities.

Martin’s commissions include “Desperate Drama of Red” with The National Ballet of Canada, “Bin Chicken” with Toronto Dance Theatre, “PUS” with Susie Burpee and Linnea Swan, “Sugar Water” with The National Ballet of Canada Apprentices and a new circus experiment called “Lizard of Pause.” Her collaborations span theatre, film, musical theatre, and opera, including multiple seasons at The Stratford Festival. As she continues to create, she seeks to foster an environment where irreverence, humour, and individuality flourish.