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See you in 2020 - August 18 - 23

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Wednesday, August 14 • Friday, August 16 • 8pm

Throwdown Collective

Throwdown Collective with Zhenya Cerneacov, Mairéad Filgate and Brodie Stevenson. Photo: Edwin Luk

Choreography: Zhenya Cerneacov, Mairéad Filgate, Brodie Stevenson

Dancers: Zhenya Cerneacov, Mairéad Filgate, Brodie Stevenson

An Atlantic Canada Company Debut

An Atlantic Canada Piece Debut

Founded in 2008 by Zhenya Cerneacov, Mairéad Filgate and Brodie Stevenson, THROWDOWN COLLECTIVE is a Toronto-based company that acts as a framework for the collaborative creation and production of new contemporary dance works. Working together collaboratively, and exploring a collective artistic vision, they combine their personal strengths to create highly physical, intricate, and compelling dance works. This commitment to a collaborative way of working extends to all aspects of the collective and to their engagement with the collective’s growing base of creative and producing partners. 

Various Concert premiered in Toronto at “Dance: made in canada/fait au Canada” in 2015. The work sculpts space and time in a constantly shifting dynamic of action and reaction. As a connection is anticipated tension builds as recognizable structures fade in and out of visibility and the three performers gradually find points of intersection. What slowly emerges is a highly attuned dance of unsettled interdependency.  Throwdown is a multi- Dora Mavor Moore Award-winner and nominee including “Outstanding Original Choreography” for Various Concert

“Throwdown have been quietly working away together, in one form or another, for a decade. Separately, Filgate, Stevenson and Cerneacov are respected performers who have built dissimilar bodies of work. Together, they are making a really interesting contribution to the Toronto cultural scene, subtly working the line between gow and construction while remaining balanced on the very razor’s edge of humour and gravity.” DanceBeat, artsjournal.com. Deborah Jowitt