Program Two


I CHART This solo for Halifax-based dance artist Jacinte Armstrong is a ‘dance story’ by British Columbia-based choreographer Sarah Chase. A unique collaboration, I Chart explores the relationship between word and gesture, between the “I” and the “eye”. The result is poetic, mathematical, and mesmerizing. Armstrong’s unique and quirky presence brings this work to life through story and movement.
EXIT This year’s revival of a classic dance from the past, Exit, was co-choreographed by Peter Randazzo and Randy Glynn and premiered April 21,1987. Peter Randazzo was one of the three co-founders of Toronto Dance Theatre, Toronto’s most prestigious contemporary dance company. FODAR has already presented works by company co-founders David Earle and Trish Beatty, the other two founders. The simple 7-minute duet, set to haunting music by American blues artist John Hammond, deals with a young man bargaining with death for a bit more time.
KID SISTER As life's magic and inevitable grief collide, it can feel like eating cotton candy on the ferris wheel then waking up with a stomachache that is as sharp as a medieval sword. Or, five good minutes with an amazing ghost. Or, a jade plant that never grows but lives forever. I’ve had this feeling my entire life, and together with Bray, Sierra, Sam and Drew, we made a dance from it. This dance is dedicated to you, your angels, and my kid sister. - Alyssa Martin
A World Premiere

Photo credit: Jacinte Armstrong. I Chat. Photo by Marvin Moore