Program Two


IMPOSTER’S DUET (World Premiere) A contemporary circus and dance work that celebrates the intimate, slightly eerie, and bizarre magic that follows a glimpse through a window. Produced by Leah Skerry Choreographed and performed by Leah Skerry, Anastasia Wiebe and Lydia Zimmer I DREAM IN WAMPUM Enter into a world of Indigenous Futurism with A’nó:wara Dance Theatre as we follow a Mohawk youth on a journey through the stars to discover their ancestors and the Sky World. Choreographed and performed by Barbara Kaneratonni Diabo and Marshall Kahente Diabo THE HIGH HEART The last work by Canadian dance icon Patricia Beatty. “…the strongest few minutes of original dance creation witnessed in this city in a long time…” – Critics At Large (Toronto) Choreographer: Patricia Beatty. Dancer Nicole Rose Bond DINO Another chance to catch ferocious Mesozoic play performed by Rock Bottom Movement. Feel the hot rocks, freeze through winter and start anew. Choreographer: Alyssa Martin. Dancers: Drew Berry, Brayden Jamil Cairns, Samantha Grist, Natasha Poon Woo Buy Tickets