Program One


ANXIETY Anxiety is a dance creation that Simik Komaksiutiksak is developing with a collective of artists. This project focuses on collaborative practices, through the creation of a common choreographic body of work grounded in improvised movement. The piece is an outlook on intergenerational trauma and a study of different mannerisms, gestures, and physical traits that we each carry, stemming from our anxieties. Simik's desire is to explore how we release and free tensions through the expressive body while connecting generational knowledge and bridging this into dance form and expression, to build a joint methodology and artistic vocabulary. Anxiety is an evolving and adaptable creation, it is a reflection on human experiences and how we are feeling that day. The piece is performed by Simik and dancer Katie Couchie.
THE DEVIL’S INTERVALS This piece is an excerpt from a larger work, The Devil's Intervals, which will premiere in December at the Sir James Dunn Theatre in Halifax, NS, through Live Art Dance. This work is a chapter in a collection of nursery rhymes that weave together to create one cautionary tale... 'One crow sorrow, Two crows joy, Three crows a letter Four crows a boy Five crows silver Six crows gold Seven crows a secret, never to be told…’
A World Premiere
HAAZRI Haazri (meaning Presence), is a new traditional Kathak solo by Tanveer Alam. The work showcases choreographic compositions of the Kathak repertoire, that Alam has structured and reinvisioned for this piece. The compositions are abstract and do not denote any particular story, but are soundly based on the technique of Kathak. Agility, strength, power, fluidity, softness, fierceness are qualities that Alam is working with through Haazri.
THIN SKIN Thin Skin is an homage to the punk rock icon and poet Patti Smith. The singer’s rhythmically elaborate, sometimes breathless-sounding lyrics form a visually and acoustically powerful synthesis with choreographer Marco Goecke’s very particular frenetic language of movement. “Mind is a picture. And there in the corner is the hint of a spiral. Perhaps it is a virus; perhaps it is a spirit tatoo”, writes Smith. Danced by Olivier Coëffard, this dark, evocative and magical solo piece is adapted from the original work of the same name. ‘Transposing my demons into dance lets me make them visible, tangible – lets me transform them into beauty. That’s my only motivation.’ WDR/ARTE 2016

Photo credit: Olivier Coëffard