Nostos Collectives


Company in Residence

Nostos Collectives Dance Association is an autonomous group of emerging contemporary dance artists, based in Halifax & Toronto. They focus on original and innovative choreography and  performance. The dance association was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia by Jessica Lowe, Sarah Hopkin and Olivia Aubrecht for a performance at the 2014 Atlantic Fringe Festival.

After this initial event, Jessica and Sarah returned to Toronto to pursue their dancing careers.  However, they decided to continue Nostos Collectives in Toronto and bring together local emerging contemporary dance artists to create, collaborate and perform together and further develop their professional careers.

Now located in both cities, Nostos Collectives has established its identity as a diverse, inclusive group of young, talented, and hardworking dance artists from various training backgrounds. They push the rigour and theatrics of contemporary dance and performance, creating original works that speak from their personal experiences. They are bound together by their passion for strong, dynamic physicality and the practice, creation, and performance of contemporary dance.


Dancers: (Right to Left) Amie-Blaire Chartier, Jake Ramos, Noelle Young. Photo: Dan Gonzales