Jayden Gigliotti


Contemporary Circus Artist

Creator – Market Dances – Coffee Project

Jayden Gigliotti (he/him) is a contemporary circus artist specializing in ball juggling. His passion for the performing arts began at a young age by taking in theatre, circus, and dance shows and grew from the elation of juggling on stage. He completed his Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Theatre Studies from Dalhousie University in 2019. Following graduation, he joined Breaking Circus, a Nova Scotia-based contemporary circus company. In December 2020, he completed a short residency at Cirque Eloize and La Tohu in Montreal, Quebec where he co-created his feature juggling act, Coffee Project, with current coach Samuel Roy. Jayden’s work has been featured at Eastern Front Theatre’s Stages Festival, Halifax’s Fringe Festival, and Nocturne Festival. His newly adapted Coffee Project act will be presented at Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal in August 2021. His current work includes several production and project creations with Breaking Circus as well as solo juggling exploration.


Photo: Chris Holland