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Artists: Louis Laberge-Côté, Michael Caldwell

On stage:  August 17, 8pm  BUY TICKETS     August 19, 8pm  BUY TICKETS

Boys Will Be Men is a serious cartoon about the ways that masculinity, with its power relationships, and its competitiveness, obstructs the attempts men make to communicate.

“It locates this violence within the context of a pas de deux, so as to emphasize its absurdity, and invokes male bravado by means of the objects and activities associated with the card table and the duel. These elements are either accompanied by heavy rock music or performed in silence, at which times dialogue in various languages is employed. They are contrasted with softer passages that portray the connectedness of the two figures and express their feelings of longing and regret.”  – Conrad Alexandrowicz, Choreographer

“He [Conrad Alexandrowicz] is widely credited with having pioneered a form of interdisciplinary performance that is based in dance, but that makes extensive use of original or adapted text in ways that are highly effective theatrically.” Wild Excursions Performance

Adult Content. Some offensive language within the context of the work.